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About Dawn

Small Business Owner, Parent & Taxpayer AND Fighting For Us!

Dawn Keefer is a successful small business owner, wife, mother of three children, and trusted community leader who has proven to be the strong, conservative voice we need to fight for us in the State House.  She just completed her first year in office and has become an effective and respected voice for the 92nd legislative district.

An accomplished businesswoman with extensive experience in government at the grass-roots level, Dawn owned and operated a small business for over 10 years that focused on public relations, grass-roots strategy, membership development and fundraising for trade associations and campaigns.  She has a sound track record of successfully assisting organizations in their efforts to directly impact important legislative issues at the local level.  On both a professional and personal level, Dawn understands the struggles small businesses face today when it comes to surviving and growing in our economy.  In the legislature, she has focused on establishing a business climate in Pennsylvania that promotes free market principals and limited government intervention.  

The depth of Dawn’s professional experience began when she assisted Canadian Pacific Railroad with community negotiations as they activated dormant rail lines acquired from Conrail.  The meetings Dawn facilitated with local leaders across the Commonwealth established a consistent line of communication that was key to the success of their expansion efforts. Building on that experience, Dawn served as the chief of staff for State Representative Will Gabig. In that role, she served as a trusted advisor to the legislator and effectively navigated state and local government on behalf of constituents seeking assistance. Dawn directed district office staff, managed general operations, and developed strategies to address issues important to district residents, including agriculture, transportation, and education.

Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, Dawn grew up in a strong, working class family where she learned the importance of faith, family and the value of hard work.  The question in Dawn’s home was never “if,” but rather “how” you would achieve your goals.  It was this foundation that enabled Dawn to be the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college, earning a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University.

Today, Dawn and her husband Tom, a retired State Police Corporal, with 25 years of service, and a Marine Corp Veteran, are raising their three children in Dillsburg. She is active in her church, and our community, having served on the boards of the Carlisle Senior Housing Corp. and the Dillsburg Area Soccer Club, a former Elder in a Church, a volunteer for the Hemlock Girl Scout Council and Junior Achievement, and as a coach for Upward Soccer and the St. Joseph Parish’s JV Boys Track team. Dawn also serves as a tent leader for the highly successful Youth Impact Project and served for 15 years as an advisor for the Chi Omega chapter at Gettysburg College, assisting collegiate women with their navigation of leadership, academic and career opportunities.

Dawn understands that government is not always the solution, and many times is actually the problem. She believes government all too often unfairly places itself in a position to choose winners and losers hurting the small businesses that drive our economy. Dawn is also committed to ensuring that parents have the right to control their children’s education, and not some bureaucrat in Harrisburg or Washington, DC.

Dawn is a fiscal conservative with 20 years of professional small business and government experience.  She is a parent who understands the challenges of raising a family in today’s world; and, she is a taxpayer committed to working for limited government and fighting for common sense policies.

Dawn and her family are members of St. Joseph Parish in Mechanicsburg. She is pro-life, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and can be counted on to always fight to protect our freedoms. She has the depth of experience and knowledge needed to affect the kind of change taxpayers expect and deserve.

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